Homers Right & Left

The very first player (a catcher) to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in one game is Wally Schang of the Philadelphia A's who did it on September 8, 1916 against the New York Yankees. Since then it has been done over 200 times by more than 70 different batters. It has only been done 28 times by a catcher.

Source: David Vincent, member of SABR

Hitting a HR Same Game From Both Sides of the Plate

Catcher Team Date H/A Opp 1st Pitcher R/L Inn 2nd Pitcher R/L Inn
Wally Schang PHA 9/8/1916   NYA Allen Russell     Slim Love    
Ted Simmons STL 4/17/1975 vs NYM Jerry Koosman R 1 Rick Baldwin L 5
Ted Simmons STL 6/11/1979 @ LAN Jerry Reuss R 3 Lerrin LaGrow L 9
Ted Simmons MIL 5/2/1982 @ MIN Al Williams L 1 Darrell Jackson R 7
Alan Ashby HOU 9/27/1982 @ SD John Montefusco L 6 Chris Welsh R 9
Mark Bailey HOU 9/16/1984 vs SD Mark Thurmond R 2 Luis DeLeon L 6
Donnie Scott SEA 4/29/1985 vs MIL Rollie Fingers L 9 Ray Searage R 10
Mickey Tettleton BAL 6/13/1988 @ DET Walt Terrell L 7 Willie Hernandez R 9
Mickey Tettleton DET 5/7/1993 vs NYA Jimmy Key R 7 John Habyan L 8
Chad Kreuter DET 9/7/1993 vs CAL Chuck Finley R 2 Paul Swingle L 7
Todd Hundley NYM 6/18/1994 @ FLA Pat Rapp L 3 Jeff Mutis R 7
Mickey Tettleton TEX 4/28/1995 vs CLE Mark Clark L 2 Jim Poole R 8
Todd Hundley NYM 5/18/1996 @ SF Jose Bautista L 4 Doug Creek R 9
Raul Casanova DET 6/6/1996 @ BAL Jimmy Haynes L 3 Rick Krivda R 7
Todd Hundley NYM 6/10/1996 vs ATL Steve Avery R 3 Mike Bielecki L 7
Todd Hundley NYM 5/5/1997 @ COL Kevin Ritz L 3 Mike Munoz R 8
Todd Hundley NYM 7/20/1997 vs CIN Kent Mercker R 3 Felix Rodriguez L 6
Jorge Posada NYA 8/23/1998 @ TEX Rick Helling L 2 Eric Gunderson R 8
Jorge Posada NYA 7/10/1999 @ NYM Rick Reed L 5 Dennis Cook R 8
Jorge Posada NYA 4/23/2000 @ TOR Frank Castillo L 2 Clayton Andrews R 4
Jorge Posada NYA 3/31/2004 @ TBA Damian Moss R 5 Jorge Sosa L 7
Jorge Posada NYA 6/28/2004 vs NYM Jeff D'Amico L 3 Bobby Jones R 5
Jorge Posada NYA 5/24/2005 vs DET Wilfredo Ledezma R 4 Matt Ginter L 5
Jason Varitek BOS 8/16/2005 @ DET Nate Robertson R 2 Franklyn German L 10
Greg Zaun TOR 9/13/2006 @ SEA Cha-Seung Baek L 2 Cesar Jimenez R 4
Victor Martinez CLE 6/1/2007 vs DET Mike Maroth R 4 Todd Jones L 9
Jorge Posada NYA 8/1/2007 vs CHA John Danks R 2 Charlie Haeger L 8
Jorge Posada NYA 9/4/2007 vs SEA Horacio Ramirez R 2 Sean White L 8

Most Times Hitting a HR Same Game From Both Sides of the Plate - Career

Jorge Posada 8
Todd Hundley 5
Ted Simmons 3
Mickey Tettleton 3

Hitting a HR Same Game From Both Sides of the Plate - Most Teams

Mickey Tettleton (3) Orioles, Rangers, Tigers
Ted Simmons (2) Cardinals, Brewers

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